Audi Centre Melbourne

Commitment tothe environment

Awarded by the European Union - Audi is proud to be able to display the European Union emblem for outstanding environmental protection as its “trademark”. This means that Audi customers can be sure that maximum attention has been paid to ensuring environmental compatibility, even during the manufacture of their vehicle.

Distinction for environmental protection

Audi was the first car manufacturer in the premium segment to have its plants - Neckarsulm in 1995 and Ingolstadt in 1997 – validated in accordance with the European Union Eco-Audit and Management Scheme. And although Hungary was not a member of the EU, the Audi plant in Györ was also inspected and certified according to the strict directives of the EU in 1999. The plant in Györ was recertified in 2006 and continues to set standards in environmental protection in Hungary following the nation's admission to the EU.

The EU emblem is awarded to companies who make continuous improvements to their environmental protection measures, above and beyond statutory requirements, and consistently optimise water conservation, emission levels, energy economy and waste management. Environmental declarations inform the public about the company’s ecological responsibility, which Audi bears with a certain pride.